Writing Paradise owns Research Paper Writing and hopes to make it the best site regarding Research Papers by the end of the year. The team, which has compiled the site, comprises mostly of college professors and experts in their field. It is a collection of research sites made available on one pier. By making these sites available at one place, the staff of Research Paper Writing has solved the problem of surfing usually faced by over-burdened students.
1. Excite
Excite is a destination site that offers world-class content and functionality from over 75 leading sources. With over 14 million monthly unique users, it has not only proved to be a leading personalized portal on the Internet but has also gained popularity from all over the world. Read more about Excite click Free Research Paper.
2. Dot Planet
If you are looking for stuff related to business and finance, this is the right place for you. Dotplanet covers channels which are relevant to this area like business matters, shopping, travel, money and technology. It is a web search tool that returns results from several search engines. Read more about Dot Planet click Free Research Paper.
3. The Idea Web
Whether someone is keeping up with current events, finding information on the internet, fixing technical problems, starting an internet business, saving money while shopping, or just having fun - theideaweb connects its consumers with what they are looking for. Read more about The Idea Web click Free Research Paper.
4. Inter Biz
Interbiz not only covers subjects related to business, it also provides guidance in education and keeps you updated with its news and events channel. It serves as an ultimate resource for businessmen and is becoming very popular among the business community. Read more about Inter Biz click Free Research Paper.
5. Main Portals
Covering major links and information about different portals, this portal is a mega portal or hub of all major portals. It has categorized the portals accordingly to Main Web Portals, Directory, Index, Guide, Meta Search, Best Search Engines, Top Sites, Biggest Online Super Stores, Shopping Price Comparison, Travel, etc. there is an upcoming news section too, that is in the pipeline. Read more about Main Portals click Free Research Paper.
6. Mr Everything
Mr Everything is a web portal that mainly features search and directory, using the ODP. Channels like real estate, shopping, news, finance, stock quotes, recipes, indoor air quality information and travel are also of great interest for the user. Read more about Mr Everything click Free Research Paper.
7. Nabou
This comprehensive web portal is a complete celebrity community. It offers all current news and information related to entertainment world. The monthly highlights give a good insight into the current happenings in the celebrity world. The site also features financial news, book reviews, free e-mail, profiles, wallpapers and much more. Read more about Nabou click Free Research Paper.
8. Search Beat
SearchBeat.com has become a preferred way to surf the web for many internet visitors. Their specialties include travel, sports, health, computers, and continental web directories. With visitors coming from over 155 countries, SearchBeat provides a one-stop web guide and directory solutions. Read more about Search Beat click Free Research Paper.
9. Spin Finder
Spinfinder.com gives quick and easy access to the web's most popular search engines. It also features free e-mail, shopping guide, chat, entertainment news, stock news, popular site links, yellow pages, greeting cards, message board and etc. Read more about Spin Finder click Free Research Paper.
10. Search Bug
SearchBug features search forms that allow users to start their queries right on SearchBug and get directly to the results. This extensive search directory provides the visitors to look for people, companies, jobs, packages and other useful information. It has a premium collection of the best searches on the web. Read more about Search Bug click Free Research Paper.
11. About
Each site in About.com's network is run by a professional Guide who is carefully screened and trained by About.com. Guides build a comprehensive environment around each of their specific topics, including the best new content, relevant links, How-To's, Forums, and answers to just about any question. Read more about About click Free Research Paper.
12. Lycos
Lycos is one of the most popular web portal in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia and is the leading portal to Spanish and Portuguese-speaking markets. Lycos services include chat, mobile, multimedia, white pages and many more categories for the visitor to search for. Read more about Lycos click Free Research Paper.
13. America Web
Americaweb.com is one of the most visited website on the internet. America online community includes local news, sports, jobs, attractions, hotels, events, forums, classifieds, dating club and many more areas for a visitor to search for his desired information. Read more about America Web click Free Research Paper.
14. Family Internet
This web portal features a complete weather forecast on NYC, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco and besides that it also provides high-quality category search in auto news, live broadcasting, medical news, entertainment, phone directory and many more categories. Read more about Family Internet click Free Research Paper.
15. Ntworld
NTL is an orderly and wide-ranging portal containing a diverse set of services. It contains three sections i.e. Channels, Services and Broadband. You can access news, entertainment and shopping opportunities in the NTL Channels. The Services section allows you to create an email account and a Picture Gallery; it also offers you a Web organizer for your online needs. The Broadband features include services such as BBC and Realone, which one can subscribe through this site. Read more about Ntworld click Free Research Paper.
16. My Netscape
My Netscape provides a wide range of services to its users. For those who want to stay at the pulse of things, Netscape brings all-inclusive leads and news pieces in collaboration with CNN to its users. It also provides polls, horoscopes, message boards and a messenger, and an opportunity to make a free email account. The users can easily customize this portal's setting to their own needs and preferences. Read more about My Netscape click Free Research Paper.
17. Altavista
Alta Vista is a comprehensive portal containing two main areas i.e. Search Centre and Market Place. Search Area allows one to sift through categories like Shopping, Travel, and Personals & Dating. Meanwhile Market Place allows one to strike deals and bargains in the areas of Insurance, Mortgage and Real Estate. One can also explore the options for buying email accounts at low rates from different service providers. Read more about Altavista click Free Research Paper.
18. 4internet
4internet allows you to find everything you need in your online or offline internet lifestyle. One can locate items of interests, which start with the numeric 4. You can read up news items, do online shopping or access computer related information. You can also get hold of the hottest deals in credit cards, health information and sport scores. The portal also provides free email accounts and newsletters. You can also join web camera communities through this portal. Read more about 4internet click Free Research Paper.
19. Aol
AOL Anywhere portal allows one access from around the globe to one's interests and vicinity. One can find just about any thing through an all inclusive People's Directory and a search engine. One can upload individualize settings of AOL through My AOL, set up free email accounts, join chat channels or an AOL group through this portal. AOL shopping section is extensive and one can search for items and bargains at the right price through its search feature. Read more about Aol click Free Research Paper.
20. Buzzle
The Buzzle portal calls itself "intelligent life on the web", it's true as the content on this portal is smartly put together. There is a search feature which allows one to sift through the portal's inside pages. It contains extensive news pieces and articles. Buzzle offers interactivity through message boards. There is also free email account and online greetings, which one can benefit from. Read more about Buzzle click Free Research Paper.
21. Chikira
Chikira aims at brining you your desired information swiftly. It has its own search engine, as well as internet and weather search as a separate search feature. The job search section is perhaps the most extensive and is divided into separate fields. MP3s, auctions and price comparisons are the added perks to this portal. The news and entertainment section is current and up-to-date. Read more about Chikira click Free Research Paper.
22. Retail Canada
This portal includes 480 unique city-specific shopping directories. It features a separate section for first time user. It offers merchandise ranging from books and sports equipment to clothing, music and home décor. By joining this portal, you can win valuable prizes and get discounts. Read more about Retail Canada click Free Research Paper.
23. Dmoz
The ODP volunteer editors manage the directory's growth and development through a system of self-governance. A system of checks-and-balances ensures the directory is of superior quality. A user can place information about his site on DMOZ for free. But if the editors find it of inferior quality, it is removed instantly. A notice is sent to the sender and he is warned about the negligence. Read more about Dmoz click Free Research Paper.
24. Google
Google Directory is one of the 10 most popular sites on the Internet and is used around the world by millions of people. "Googol" is the mathematical term for a 1 followed by 100 zeros. It's a very large number. Google is a company with a very large number of users, and a laser-like focus on finding the right answer for each and every one of them 150 million times a day. It is among the top 10 websites on the Internet. Read more about Google click Free Research Paper.
25. Yahoo Australia
Yahoo Australia is one of the world's largest enablers of consumer transactions on the World Wide Web offering commerce services such as shopping, auctions, finance and travel. Through partnerships with hundreds of premier content providers, Yahoo Australia offers content and media programming in popular areas of interest, including Sports, music, movies, news and games. Read more about Yahoo Australia click Free Research Paper.
26. Yahoo Singapore
Unlike other sites, Yahoo Singapore hosts a festive look and offers an uncomplicated navigation. This feature of the world's largest portal makes it the most favorite site of the world. Yahoo Singapore is as friendly as it was when it first made on the World Wide Web. This feature has made it gain a lot of visitors who have found its simplicity as its quality. Read more about Yahoo Singapore click Free Research Paper.

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