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Research Analysis (continued)

Best Writers-
The sites claim to have onboard a team of professional writers and a diligent customer care staff, through which the site ensures provision of quality services with consistency and courtesy.

Deadlines - These sites serve as a blessing for those students who are running short of time and have tight schedules. Most of such sites are well known for their prompt and on-time delivery.

Topics -The sites provide custom-written papers and reports on any topic that students can think of. They have writers who have expertise in nearly all the subjects from computer programming, systems analysis, Internet analysis to survey work, economics, accounting etc.

Samples - Through the samples provided on the site one can access the quality, as well as the variety of formats which the site furnishes. One must admit that the quality was indeed distinguished. There were references and bibliography given after each sample, which proved that they were indeed written after consultation of and referencing from varied sources.

Order Tracking- The sites also allow one to keep track of one's order through the Order Status Tracking system, which indeed was functioning 24 hrs a day and all the queries that were submitted got answered quite promptly.

Quality Awards - Most of the sites have bagged some distinguished educational awards, and attracts a steady traffic of students.

Prices- The sites guarantee to provide unique and customized solutions at the right prices. The rates are kept very pocket friendly and most of the sites are also offering exciting discounts to further attract students.


Many of these sites were offering similar services in the customer support arena, such as the one-time Free Revision, Order Status Checking and feedback Forms. This is very much a proof that Academic Writing services on the web are trying to prove their professionalism, standards and legitimacy.

But speaking of such academic writing services, students are quite mistrustful of sites offering such services and for the right reasons too. As many websites exploit students' needs and grab their money. However, there are some sites, which still have been able to make a difference and have gone to become a tried and trusted resource for the students.

Though we suspect that it's sometimes the site's design that appeals to the beholder's eye, never the less the services of the site were also quoted to be more than reliable.

With the emerging competition in this area, the prices of paper writing have gone down. Initially the sites were charging around $25- 30 per page, now the newer entrants in this 'cheat arena', are charging $15-$20 per page. With discounts being given out for absolutely small tasks such as referring the site to a number of your friends, these sites are attracting more customers than ever.

Above all, these sites promise of delivering the assignments on time and in spite of strict deadlines. This tempts those students, who are either slow or too busy to start their assignment on time, to still catch up and get a substantial grade towards the end.

Threats from such sites

Although these academic writing help sites claim to fix the student's papers and other assignment related worries in a mere click of the mouse but truly speaking they are providing an easy access to cheating resources on the web.

That is why people, mostly teachers, believe that students are the main culprits in making plagiarism widespread.

Hence the major threat that teachers face, is not coming from the pre-used term papers, but rather from those sites which are offering customized term papers.

Students find such sites fairly helpful because they get their papers written by experienced "writers" and they aren't pre-used or rehashed pieces of the former students. This makes it rather hard for the teachers to recognize them by virtue of memory alone, though many of us do utilize our gut feeling in this respect. These writers can be individual - who hold a master's degree and is paid around $10 per page to write customized term papers and essays, as many as 100 a year.

In spite of being some what expensive, such sites are still popular in students because they accept spending money as an alternative for spending time and energy on doing research for their assignments.


The trend of using online writing services is catching speed fast, but it needs to be maintained through out. Because like all transactions, students are not only placing their trust and money's worth in the hands of sites providing aid in Academic Writing , but the students are also entrusting their future in their hand.

Free Research Paper
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Free Research Paper
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Free Research Paper
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Free Research Paper
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